Adam Roof

Americana, Japanese, Black and Grey

Tattooing to me, has always been very personal or even shamanistic in a sense. It’s a way you can express to the world how you feel on the inside. That being said, I figured you might want to know a little bit about me before you get tattooed.

I’m originally from West Columbia, South Carolina and tattooing was illegal when I was growing up there. Therefore, I wasn’t exposed to a lot of tattoo culture except on television or in magazines. That is until I started skateboarding and listening to hip hop. And even more so, when I started going to hardcore shows and hanging around crust punks when I was in high school. Everybody I looked up to at a young age was covered in tattoos.

Coincidentally, I wanted to be heavily tattooed from a young age. When I was around the age of 16, I moved to Florida and tattoos seemed to be everywhere and it felt sort of surreal. It wasn’t until I was around 20 years old, that I had dropped out of college and found the right people to be around to learn.

I am thankful to have worked alongside some really talented people over the past ten years and I consider myself grateful for everything tattooing has afforded me in my life. I am a professional tattooer, located in Tampa, Florida and I believe in taking time with my clients to give them the best tattoo experience I can. Being a custom tattooer, I give 110% on every tattoo that leaves my chair. I believe in quality custom tattoo work, a higher standard of tattooing and a shop environment. I specialize in American traditional, Japanese, black and grey, fine line, bold line and portraits. I accept appointments and walk-ins all year long. I look forward to creating your next tattoo for you.

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